I saw a reblog of your speedpaint for the doujinshi 'Old Dream Maker'. It was really good! ^^ Do you know of anywhere where one could read the doujinshi in English, though? I can't read Japanese. >.< Please answer privately, because otherwise I probably won't find your answer! Thank you!

No, sorry. You can always buy the doujinshi and commission a translator to help you, though!!!

i like your style of comic and i would like to know what program do you used ? I'm lame in drawing and novice to draw with tablet, i would like to know if you have some advices, sorry to bother you

Hey there! I usually prefer to use pencil and paper but most of my hetalia stuff is done in Photoshop, including the comics. I think it helps if you think about what kind of feel/touch you work best with and to tailor a few different brushes that work best for you. It can take up to years to perfect or find the right brush for you but it’s out there!!! Best of luck anon!

hi! i saw your painting (this one: post/66077214314) on my dash just now and it really cheered me up today. it reminded me of a picture i took of my cousins in twin peaks, san francisco, and it just made me really happy. sorry if this is a really weird ask, but thank you, and i hope you have a nice day C:

This was such a pleasant ask to receive, thank you so much ;; pours all my nostalgia into new world family pics……

What happened to your nsfw blog?

I deleted it out of inactivity!!!

Report another day, meanwhile here’re some photos of usuk only aftermath!!

for the king of trash charlattes
I love the thought of america chasing england around school just going &#8220;PROM?? PROM?????????&#8221; 

for the king of trash charlattes

I love the thought of america chasing england around school just going “PROM?? PROM?????????” 

Hi! Can I ask where/when is the USUK only event?

Hey there!  It’s in Tokyo, you can find all the info about it here!


Hi there! I follow your APH Pick Me Up blog and couldn't help but notice you're going through a rough patch right now. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you need! And if you ever need someone to talk to, we're always here! :)

I’m doing okay!! I’ve just got a lot on my plate and I feel awful making people wait for responses so I had to close the ask box until I can be sure that I can post responses within a day of getting them ;; Thank you so much for your super sweet message, it means so much to me <3

Hello! Will you be posting some photos from the USUK Only event? Please do! (It's totally alright if you rather not tho)

I don’t think photos are allowed inside of event venues in Japan, but I can’t be sure yet.  I will definitely be writing about it, though!